Kickstart your JavaScript journey with an immersive 4-week cohort

Kickstart your JavaScript journey with an immersive 4-week cohort

In this cohort-based course, you will learn JavaScript from scratch alongside motivated peers. Weekly live sessions with your classmates & Scrimba staff will ensure that you stay on track, and learn the world's most popular programming language once and for all.

📆 When: From June 21st to July 24th

💰 Price: $149 $99 early bird discount (one-time fee)

🌍 Timezone: Europe/Africa

🧑‍🏫 Teachers: Per Harald Borgen, Leanne Rybintsev & Michael Rybintsev

PS: Less than 30 seats left, so enroll now to secure your spot

How it works

Each week, you will join your peers in two live sessions - Mondays and Fridays 4 pm UK time (BST). In these sessions, you will be given a study plan for the week, be held accountable, and also get help if you are stuck.

You will also be added to an exclusive study group chat room. This enables everyone to help and support each other along the way.

Both the study group chat and the live meetings will be moderated by Scrimba staff, and we guarantee that these will be friendly and welcoming spaces.

By the end of the course, you won't just have a solid grasp of JavaScript fundamentals. You will also have made friends with a bunch of other aspiring developers. This will make your continued journey into web development easier and more enjoyable.

What will I learn?

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  • data types
  • strings
  • numbers
  • booleans
  • objects
  • arrays
  • truthy vs falsy values
  • template strings
  • variables
  • the Document Object Model
  • getElementById()
  • querySelector()
  • addEventListener()
  • innerText
  • textContent
  • innerHTML
  • JavaScript logic
  • logical operators
  • mathematical operators
  • conditional statements
  • functions
  • methods
  • for loops
  • the Math object
  • JSON
  • the DevTools console
  • localStorage
  • debugging with Google
  • reading documentation
  • and a lot more!

What does the cohort include?

  • Live group sessions twice per week to help you stay on track
  • Join an exclusive study group on Discord
  • Exclusive bonus coding challenges
  • Build a support network of other newbie devs
  • Demo day to show off your creations

Who will lead the cohort?


Your cohort leaders are Scrimba CEO Per Harald Borgen and community mangers Leanne Rybintsev and Michael Rybintsev. Their cat Pumpkin will also help out from time to time 😻

Per is the creator of the 7-hour Learn JavaScript course, and Leanne and Michael run the live streams on our YouTube channel, so feel free to check out either if you want to get to know them beforehand.

What's the curriculum?

The core curriculum is based on Per Harald Borgen's free Learn JavaScript course. It is a 7-hour long, highly interactive introduction to JavaScript.

However, Per will also provide you with exclusive project challenges. These challenges will enable you to enhance and personalise the projects of the course, and turn them into unique, portfolio-ready products.

The assignments also ensure that all students are sufficiently challenged, regardless of how fast you progress through the course.

I'm not in EU timezone, can I still join?

If you are able to join the weekly live sessions on Mondays and Fridays 4 pm UK time (BST), we would love to have you in the cohort. However, if you are unavailable at those hours, you should not enroll in this cohort, as the live sessions are the core of the cohort experience.

I can't join every single live session, can I still enroll?

You can still enroll yes. It is ok if you miss a few, just make sure you come to most of them. It will help you build a stronger relationship with your classmates, help you stay on track, and enable you to get help and advice when you are stuck or confused, as often happens on the journey to learn JavaScript.

Limited seats available

There's a limited number of seats available, so you need to purchase right away to ensure that you get your spot. Click the button below, and you will be taken to the checkout page.

PS: Less than 30 seats left, so enroll now to secure your spot

How do I know Scrimba is any good?

While this is our very first cohort, we have been running a ton of community events in 2021, and we're starting to get good at it. Please click here to check out our Wall Of Love. In it, you will to hear what our customers think about Scrimba.